Strategy and Business Planning:

Businesses have become more complex and difficult to manage; yet businesses of all sizes continue to ignore a crucial component of organisational survival and growth. This important requirement concerns the need to plan for the present and for the future of your business.
As we understand the nature of the competitive and constantly changing nature of the market, and it is imperative that our strategic awareness and approach are aligned with these changes.
Also we emphasize that a culture of excellence in customer services, financial prudence and best practice should be key components of an organisation’s overall business strategy. Your business strategy should describe your direction for the future (short, medium and long term) in terms of vision, strategic options and a portfolio of planned changes to which all your stakeholders and operational systems contribute.

Building your career & brand,

Business and company’s vision is a key component to achieving your goals, whether you are operating within the private or public sector. Our aim is to use our experience and expertise to enable reflection, planning and implementation with the view to helping your organisation achieve its objectives and vision.
We provide event planning services as well.

Facilitator in getting business set up, buy and rent properties in Sierra Leone.



In today’s challenging business world, leaders, executives and managers find themselves under continuous pressure and scrutiny in terms of operational performance and strategic focus.
Life cannot only be lonely at the top; it also brings with it the added pressures of meeting the needs of employees, customers and other stakeholders, as well as family considerations.

Our executive mentoring service helps to improve your effectiveness in terms of leadership, decision-making, creativity, stress management, time management, meetings, negotiations and career development.
We see mentoring as a key tool for the development of business owners and managers alike. It provides them the opportunity to talk with, and ‘bounce ideas’ off someone who fully understands their position from direct experiences, and who can challenge their thoughts and ideas, without having a political axe to grind or any other conflicting issues.
To experience and benefit from our facilitation and confidential mentoring approach please contact us.


Health and wellness/wellbeing
Mental and emotionally
Home, business & work life balance
Guidance to setting achievable goals &vision
Confidence & self esteem building
Positive mindset shift


Management for all in the industry
Production of music, movies, fashion shows etc
Literary – authors- publishing