Zainab Life Foundation (Hand Of Hope), is a global organisation which is a nonprofit organisation to help the vulnerable, especially the orphans, widows, physical& mentally challenged and victims of abuse in all forms – rape, domestic violence.

Firstly, our focus will be mainly in Sierra Leone, and as we continue to grow, we will be looking at partnering and supporting other countries in Africa and globally as the need arise,  financially and in other ways.

Our main mission, aim, objectives and goal is to provide love, food, clean drinking water, shelter, education, medical, emotional and mental counselling & Sanitation.


To show kindness to humanity, by supporting us to provide to the needy the basic needs. Provide your expertise in your chosen field e.g – doctors, teachers, caregivers, nurses, surgeons, mentors, etc,,the list is endless


we will provide food to the needy, by identifying the most vulnerable in a community, school, etc as well as partnering with other charities in Sierra Leone- this will be done as well by our “food drive & food bank “ initiative programs:

Provide clean drinking water:

We want to build and sponsor water wells and taps for accessibility to clean drinking water.


Our aim is to secure land to build safe and decent shelters/ homes secure accommodation for the less privileged and vulnerable people.  In the meantime, we are looking to rent/lease a property that can be used as and emergency shelter and space to carry out feeding programs


We want to provide educational materials through our back to school initiatives/programs as well as provide scholarships to students as individuals as well as through our adopt a school scholarship program.  The end goal in the near future will be to build schools, higher learning vocation centres and colleges/universities.


To provide medical facility to the needy and less privileged by paying for their medical bills and in the near future build our own state of the art full equipped medical centres as well as hospitals.


To provide a much needed  professional, effective holistic counselling to the victim who have been violated and affected both, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.