RKK Empire (Aquilinaworld)Limited specializes in management consultancy, coaching, mentoring , arts & creative sector; with the aim to help businesses and individuals become more professional, efficient and productive in today’s dynamic business environment. Our company’s brand name is Aquilinaworld which is a subsidiary of our company RKK Empire.

At RKK Empire, we help our clients create value and facilitate change through our unique range of management consulting services and the various service platforms we provide. By focusing on our client, strategy and their systems, we are able to help them improve efficiency and promote organizational and individual learning within their business, career and personal development. Ultimately achieving their goals and objectives.

Whether you are a new business or an established business, or someone who is looking for a mentor or lifestyle coach to develop your brand in the entertainment industry, please feel free to contact us. We specialize in helping you excel and grow your business.


Our consultancy approach guarantees that you will experience and benefit from substantial improvements to your business or organisation. The benefits will be in line with your overall vision and organisational goals.
What benefits can you expect as a result of retaining our consultancy and various business services :
Affordable quality advice and solutions based on real added value.

• Significant improvements to your profitability and revenue.
• More knowledgeable and better-trained staff.
• Extremely satisfied and loyal customers.
• We want you to enjoy and be comfortable having us around.
• Bespoke solutions to suit individual needs and circumstances.
• Quick responses to your different requirements.
• Mentoring, coaching and guidance advice when required.
• Improve your internal operations with the view of increasing your liquidity and competitive edge.
• Helping you meet you lifestyle goals through our coaching.
• Mentoring, by giving you the best and uncovering the greatness in you to achieve your goals and dreams.
• Helping you unlock the creativity that dwells in your voice, words, music or film deep within you.
• Our creative team will help bring out the language of art and work with you to help you establish yourself brand and promote you and your brand.

For a confidential and exploratory meeting of minds, please feel free to contact us by telephone, visiting our website and connect to us on social media platforms